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Thinking of buying a new vehicle or an RV, but it’s out of budget? Now you can buy that dream car or RV using Innovation Credit Union’s exclusive low-interest auto loan. Get a loan of $10,000 or more at just 2.99% and finally drive your dream vehicle around the neighborhood.

Use our flexible plans and get an expert opinion on any information you need regarding our auto loans. Make additional payments towards your loan balance with no extra fee or penalty.

Benefits & Features

Save Money

This exclusive low interest rate will save you money while you enjoy your new vehicle.

Easy fast, and convenient

Our advisors will work with you to offer a quick pre-approval and minimal paperwork. The loan is disbursed quickly so you can access your funds and start enjoying your new ride!

Flexible Loan Terms

Choose a loan terms of up to 7 years according to your convenience.

Flexible repayment

Pay down your loan quickly with ability to make additional payments without fees or penalties.

Get advice you can count on

Our advisors will offer personalized advice to help you achieve your goals.

How To Apply For This Exclusive Offer

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Submit your loan application and our advisors will contact you shortly. You can also talk to our advisors at 1-866-446-7001

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To access this exclusive rate offer, your loan application must be made by November 15, 2021.

This exclusive offer is an invitation to apply for a consumer fixed rate term loan. The length of
the loan can be up to 7 years.

There is a minimum loan value of $10,000. There is no maximum value or cap set on this loan

A down payment may not be required. Applicants are encouraged to discuss the benefits of a
down payment with their Advisor.

Yes. An application fee of $100 will be applied.

Yes. You may increase your payment frequency, amount, or pay a lump sum payment at any
time without penalty.

No. This is a consumer offer only. Business members are encouraged to speak with their advisor
for alternate lending options.

All members are encouraged to insure their loan and protect themselves from unanticipated
injury, illness, and life changes. Available loan insurance options include Life, Disability, and
Critical Illness. For more information about the benefits of CUMIS loan insurance(s), please
speak with your advisor.

Offer Terms & Conditions

  • You have been invited to apply for a personal loan of a minimum of $10,000 by Innovation Credit Union (“Innovation”) with a term of 5 to 7 years and a fixed interest rate of 2.99%. (the “Offer”).
  • Offer expiry date is November 15, 2021.
  • Offer is not transferrable and only redeemable by the individual whose name is stated in the offer.
  • Proof of identification must be provided to act on this Offer.
  • Offer is subject to credit approval by Innovation and is not guaranteed if you do not meet Innovation’s credit approval criteria. Additional terms, conditions, fees, charges and credit approval criteria may apply and are available upon application and may change without notice.
  • Offer may not be used to payout and/or refinance existing Innovation loans.
  • Interest rates are subject to change at the sole discretion of Innovation. To ensure you qualify for the Offer rate, please take advantage of this Offer before the expiry date.
  • Prepayment on the Offer loan is permitted at any time without penalty.
  • Offer recipients are encouraged to opt in for CUMIS Life and Disability insurance. For more information about CUMIS insurance, please talk to your Innovation advisor or call our digital advice center at 1-866-446-7001
  • Terms and conditions as presented in this section are valid until Offer expiry date.