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Is a Home Renovation Loan
right for me?

Renovations are more affordable than ever with Innovation Credit Unions best low interest home renovation
loans. Avail our loans with fixed payments you can plan for. Save more by getting the Saskatchewan Home
Renovation Tax credit for upto $1200.

Our low interest home renovation loans will help you finance home renovations, give you tax benefits, and the
added advantage to make additional payments towards your loan balance, with no fees or penalties. (For
more details: Saskatchewan Home Renovation Tax Credit | Tax Credits | ) Government of Saskatchewan )

Benefits & Features

Save Money

This exclusive low interest rate will save you money while you renovate

Easy, Fast and Convenient

Our Advisors will work with you to ooffer a quick pre-approval, with minimal paperwork..Read More

Credit Value

Borrow an amount as allow as $10,000 to get you home renovation started.

Flexible Repayment

Pay down your loan quickly with the ability to make additional payments without any fees or penalties.


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Unsure about a home improvement loan? Already have an existing mortgage? Get personalized…Read More

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The service I received when getting my mortgage was exceptional.
I was able to complete the entire process over the phone and by email from Regina.

Regina, SK

Innovation Credit Union was great to work with when getting our mortgage. Living in rural Saskatchewan wasn’t a problem. Everything was done by phone and email!

Bayleigh Napper
Liebethal, Saskatchewan